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3 reasons Mo’Ne Davis’ ‘Sports Illustrated’ cover is an ever bigger deal that you realize 

1. When there’s a woman on the cover, she’s almost always with a man — or in a swimsuit.

When a woman is featured on the SI cover, she’s most often either in a swimsuit or accompanied by a man — like UConn’s Diana Taurasi with Emeka Okafor in 2003 or UNC’s Rashanda McCants with Tyler Hansbrough in 2008. Covers featuring actual female athletes by themselves are exceedingly rare, with only the U.S. gymnastics team (i2012) and Hope Solo (20011) getting the call in recent years.

A woman on the cover is exceedingly rare Follow micdotcom

so I use a four stage ro filter for my water changes and currently re filling up my aquarium. You can see the first stage filter already contaminated with particles. Yes this is regular tap water that we drink. This is the second ro unit I’ve owned, this model has a pressure pump to help push the water through the membrane that gets water down to one micron I believe. Still a very slow process.

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