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Petitioning Gov. Patrick McCrory

Support and pass Section 52 of Senate Bill 734: STATEWIDE VENUS FLYTRAP PENALTIES

For decades North and South Carolina have seen a marked decline in the native populations of Dionaea muscipula, the Venus flytrap, through poaching and the destruction of its native habitat. We believe this unique and fascinating plant, called by Charles Darwin in 1875 “the most wonderful plant in the world”, deserves greater protection than it is afforded today by state law.

The Venus flytrap lives only within a small range between North and South Carolina and exists as a unique and distinctive attraction to both state residents as well as visitors worldwide. We believe the provisions laid out in Section 52 of Senate Bill 734 is a positive step towards seeing this wonderful plant survive in the wild for our and future generations.


I know this is not what I normally post, but this is something very important to me. Flytraps have a very limited range and need more protection within that range. I would greatly appreciate if you guys could sign and pass it on. Thanks!

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